Last year was „Larceny“ celebrating its tenth anniversary from southern Germany, but for various reasons, u.a. also line-up changes, have so far been published only two albums. Now it's time for round three ring free. Exactly two years after the album „My Fall“ provide „Larceny“ a successor before. Because by the frontwoman Anna Rantou left the band, recalls the sound is no longer so much at „Lacuna Coil“ and Cristina Scabbia, is characterized more Melodic Death Metal and in terms of hardness, the level is also increased significantly. „Into Darkness“ be limited to Melodic Death Metal, but would also be wrong, because always again try the five musicians of other sub-genres and present their songs extremely contrasty. Excursions in the Thrash there as well as the targeted omitting the prefix „Melodic“, when it comes to Death. This time there is from the Stuttgart region to a full twelve.

Into Darkness - Larceny

Suspect Featuring the album and let the first two tracks, that „Larceny“ with „Into Darkness“ want to play a really bleak factory. But also four songs of the previous albums were re-recorded for the third album and alone on the basis of those songs you can clearly see the development, the „Larceny“ have now passed. Even that played with keyboard intro sounds after setting out for a march in the darkness. With „Detour To Hell“ There are direct and violent thrash / Metalriffing and in „Afterlife“ you can hear the black metal influences. Die meisten Melodic Death Metal-Bands, I know, work with growls and possibly Clean Voice, but Oliver Gaupp us here skin rather Screams and shouts around the ears, But what works brilliantly. In the title piece „Into Darkness“ may also prove Conny Ott with a beautiful solo, that a keyboard very well also to this direction fits.


If you have come this far, attracts an anthem „No Surrender“ in livingroom moshpit. Then the tempo is in „Limbus“ throttled something and you get to hear a German song for once. „Hold The Last Light“ is then held again in high-speed, with repeatedly interspersed very quiet Parts, where you can catch your breath and put back in place the neck vertebrae again. Why, however, continues the melody of the guitar only at the last minute, unfortunately does not open up to me very. „I Will Rise“ comes from the first album „Larceny“, There is times (or again) With a good pinch of Thrash to hear Melodic Death Metal Metal. Very successful, I find „Gunpowder Night“, the, as well as the two last songs, from album „My Fall“ dates. Still relatively subdued beginning with piano, missed the drums this track a downright galloping rhythm. „My Fall“ even in high-speed and poaching again „End Of Lies“ one could almost „Hold The Last Light“ compare. Again, fine Black Metal Geschreddere with calm parts.

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Larceny - Into Darkness [Melodic Death Metal]

Generally acts „Into Darkness“ produces pleasantly modern and clean. The band does on this album their job well and the Baden-Württemberg dare thus also equal a new musical direction. The very harsh Vocal Group and the melodious sound comes fully into your ear and that is partially, precisely through the many dark sound fragment deep under the skin. Here and there, the singer flashed like a beast auflauerndes out and has simply something for themselves. On the whole, show us the reigns a mixture, which simply goes well into the ear and not just carelessly in Fährwasser of Melodic Death Metal swims. Many own innovations were sent into the race and the extent of the melange is really well done. Since her debut work from the year 2010 has increased the combo indeed and they have succeeded, maintain their Roots, although you had to redeploy up some. Is therefore „Into Darkness“ not only mature, No, the consummated addition of harder parts of the troops is very good to face. Especially nice as a melodic accompaniment, I find the addition of smaller, Epic Sound Packages. About the abundance in Melodic Death Metal can be known to argue, „Larceny“ fortune here but very good mingle and offer many fresh, convincing arguments and does not sound like the umpteenth clone any big band. Worth listening!

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  1. Intro
  2. Detour To Hell
  3. Afterlife
  4. Into Darkness
  5. No Surrender
  6. Limbus
  7. Hold The Last Light
  8. I Will Rise
  9. Gunpowder Night
  10. My Fall
  11. End Of Lies
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