Two years after their debut login „Gloomball“ With „The Quiet Monster“ back. The second album of the newcomer from Germany is slightly harder than its predecessor and is grooving and rifft all Rules the art. The wheel, the five guys not reinvented, but, what they do, do it well. Gloomball lined up without any problems in the ranks of the band is a, who know how catchy melody or. Writing songs, while they combine modernity with classic material as sent, that one does not know even after the third pass, where to place the boys. But one thing is clear, „The Quiet Monster“ definitely goes directly into the bloodstream.

Gloomball - The Quiet Monster

With her in April 2013 more than worth listening debut ensured the German Newcomer „Gloomball“ breath of fresh air in the German rock- and Metal-Scene. „The Distance“ made the five-piece band fronted by Alen Ljubic at a stroke known internationally. The subsequent tours and concerts with, inter alia, „Eat The Gun“, „Motorjesus“, „Icebreaker“ or „Saltatio died“ still reinforced the impression, that consequently took a band on the road, from which you will hear in the future. And actually now is the second album „The Quiet Monster“ proud ready for release and documented an unmistakable development. The second album includes stylistically seamlessly from the strong debut album, but is compositionally and lyrically one step further.

Gloomball - Band

The twelve new songs prove to be even more exciting and dynamic, the texts from Ljubics spring as mature reflections of his thoughts and feelings. Right at the beginning falls on, that the guys around frontman Alen Ljubic much more direct, varied and rough go to work, than they were in „The Distance“ was the case. The new album is the basis remained stable cast of Gloomball. As on „The Distance“ the artistic forces are distributed evenly on Ljubic, the guitarist Björn Daigger and Jossi steering, on bass and drummer Danny Joe Moser Basti. Compared to debut the song ideas based „The Quiet Monster“ this time on the shoulders of all band members. A pinch of southern rock of the brand „Anti-Mortem“, which in turn sometimes after „PANTERA“ sound, a decent shot „Godsmack“ on top of it and the whole thing with the finest „In Flames“-flavored seasoning – ready is the „Gloomball“.


particularly „Godsmack“ seem to have left a lasting impression on the boys, because just after the intro „The Quiet…“ Be Open „Monster“ could also be derived from the spring. Typical Gloomball- Rock hits like „straight To hell“ or „Towards The Sun“ documenting the great energy of this band, and their ability, Dynamics and catchiness in a balanced Balance bring to. At the latest with the slightly quiet „In Flames“ reminiscent „All Beauty Dies“ accepts the new long iron monster excessively on momentum, and Gloomball present us a very successful rollercoaster. While the massive „Sirens (the Alone)“ pushes forward firmly, common „One More Day“ a pleasant melancholy. With „Sullen Eyes“ show Gloomball amazingly rough and heavy, a schwermetallischer Groove track with - as Ljubic calls it - „For us unusually evil feeling.“ Similarly experimentally, albeit in a different stylistic orientation, shows the track „Blood Red World“, new ways in which Gloomball, work with choirs and even experiment at the end of the song with strings. With the final „Blue Is Turning Into Gray“ there is a somewhat unusually sounding track, but the exact succeeded by his somewhat different orientation a multi-faceted album brings to an end.

Gloomball - Logo

Speaking choirs: Renowned support in the backing vocals were the musicians in the songs „Monster“ and „Blue Is Turning Into Gray“ by Matthias Hechler of the German gothic-Metallern Crematory. should also be mentioned again successful texts written by Alen Ljubic. Already on „The Distance“ had the Gloomball frontman packed his thoughtful stories in fitting words, This time his subjects are even a personal Tück. such as in „Monster“, dem Album-Opener, with its distinctive line of text „light the world up be the monster, I will never break and I know I can take this monster.“ Mistresses: „I like working with metaphors, and somehow there is little monster indeed in all of us, it just depends on, if one uses it positive or negative.“ Ljubic lyrics have meaning and significance, without being cryptic or lifted. „I would of course, my concern is understood by everyone, my ideas and perspectives to be able to pass.“

Gloomball - Band2

As the album title suggests, here comes the monster crept on silent feet, one the more scare. Accordingly, the longplayer be ungemeines potential and unexpected versatility gradually unfolds and with each listen a bit more. Bottom line Gloomball have done everything right so far as well as on their second work. While still lacking a little bit of, get out „The Quiet Monster“ to make a real beast, but if the musicians go on like this, then soon to the nothing stand in the way. „The Quiet Monster“ is a good album on familiar paths, with several highlights, but also 2-3 Freezes. The overall impression is overwhelmingly positive and therefore gets the album a clear recommendation. Fans of groovy alternative metal get here a successful seizure.

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  1. The Quiet…
  2. Monster
  3. Straight to hell
  4. All Beauty Dies
  5. Towards The Sun
  6. Sirens (Die Alone)
  7. One More Day
  8. Sullen Eyes
  9. (No) Surrender
  10. Unbreakable
  11. Blood Red World
  12. Blue Is Turning Into Gray
Gloomball - The Quiet Monster
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