Declared Dead. So it seems to be, at least in the case of „Full Devil Jacket„. After the Americans but the beginning 2000 on several major festivals and tours played with stars like „Nickelback“, „Creed“, „Slayer“ and „Slipknot“ organized, was the band shortly before the big breakthrough. But the drugs crashes singer Josh Brown and the cancer death of guitarist Michael Reaves offset the tape harsh beatings and led to a year-long disappearance. Now Brown and colleagues are back, Drummer Keith Foster from the original line, Bassist Moos Douglass and guitarist Paul Varnick complete the lineup and on energy is not lacking of force. Josh Brown and his colleagues do not consider themselves with trinkets on but start right through.

Album Review: Full Devil Jacket - Valley of Bones

Once lived „Full Devil Jacket“ like in paradise, until it was a nightmare. In its early days, the band toured with giants like Nickelback and Creed, with Slipknot and Slayer, it belonged to the billing of the Woodstock 99 festival, had a video clip on MTV rotation and successful singles in the Hard Rock Charts. In short „FULL Devil Jacket“ stood on the threshold of international rock universe elites. Then lead singer Josh Brown took an overdose of heroin and almost died. This is more than ten years ago, now publish in May 2015 „Full Devil Jacket“ their second album „Valley of Bones“, the Justin Rimer (12 Stones) was produced. at „Full Devil Jacket“ musical you have to mention the straight grooves and addictive hooks their vigorous Hard Rocks and lay their songs all those warmly recommend to define, the bands like „Alice in Chains“, „PANTERA“, „white Zombie“ or „Korn“ stand.

Full Devil Jacket

On „Valley of Bones“ one finds true stories, strong statements and brutally honest observations from life-, by faith, Family and global power structures. Frontman Josh Brown commented important and timeless questions about the state of our world from his own personal perspective and with all his experience. „When we write songs, they have to be absolutely authentic“, he explains, „because I can only sing about something, what I believe in. In today's rock and roll bands can be heard while the same text as in the models of my youth, but I can not see any real conviction in. All topics on the other hand, which I touch, I myself have it- and lived.“ ended with Browns heroin overdose 2002 abruptly the storybook start a rock band, the hit singles „Where Did You Go?“ and „Now You Know“ could place. After a long period of convalescence convalescent Brown returned as a singer / songwriter of the band „Day Of Fire“ the spotlight back. The debut album of the group was nominated for a Grammy and won 2005 the price „Album of the Year“ des GMA Dove Awards, wherein „Day Of Fire“ also in the fields of „New Artist Of The Year“ and „Rock Song Of The Year“ were nominated. After a total of three successful discs retired „Day Of Fire“ Year 2010 back indefinitely from the public.


Thus the way was clear for a return of „Full Devil Jacket“. The first reunion served, to raise money for guitarist Michael Reaves, the had cancer. As Reaves died yet decided Brown and drummer Keith Foster, to form the band in memory of her deceased friend again. „Mike was the reason, which is why I today Music doing“, sagt Brown, „He built me, He knew all the rules of the game. When we returned after six-year break for the first time on the stage, to raise money for him, you could feel again the spark.“ This also glow in shredding guitarist Paul Varnick and bassist Moose Douglass, which belong to the group 2015er Instrumentation. „Full Devil Jacket“ So are back. They present themselves stronger than ever. With „Valley of Bones“ comes an album in trade, the equally the coolness of Down, combines the powerful dark-tunes of Alice In Chains and the Modern-rock attitude of Stone Sour in itself.

Full Devil Jacket

What album is certainly characterizes the variability, the dynamics of the tracks. Since there is as I said the Metal-Piece with hardcore Inlet as well as the rock ballad, the thread straight rock number or the midtempo Burner. A total of three quarters of an hour sound and more playful rock! Josh Brown sounds a bit like the Canadian Chad Kroeger, only plays his troops to sound, would make the Nickelback, so I could hear the band still, the ballads can namely also like „Paper Crown“ sound. But there on the album some more good tracks. The song „PictureBox Voodoo“ expects scharfzüngig with mainstream media and pop culture today from, while „Seven Times Down“ as aggressive reef-Monster and proves „Paper Crown“ unmasks all those, hide behind their bragging openly ostentatious in fact inferiority complex. Even the title track „Valley of Bones“ one should lead to heart or the two ballads „The Moment“ and „August“. Likewise, stands out „7xDown“ something out, as well as „Blood of the Innocent“, which is my personal favorite.

Full Devil Jacket

„Valley of Bones“ is a truly successful comeback. „Full Devil Jacket“ make the, what they already before 15 Years damn well could: hard, multifaceted rock. Often sounds „Valley of Bones“ like a journey through time, but it is overtaken in any way or boring. Grade the mix of hard rock songs and rather quiet tones as in Song „what If I Say“ make intensive and energetic album. It bears witness to a band, which after a strong start, a disastrous crash and Schickalsschlägen aufrappelt again and reports back with more energy and power. when „Full Devil Jacket“ live only half as much as provide on this disc, then good Night. Stages of the world, be warned! „Valley of Bones“ Of „Full Devil Jacket“ is a surprising and successful comeback, a really good. Let's hope, that we are now no 15 Years have to wait for the next album more.

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  1. Killers
  2. Valley of Bones
  3. 7X Down
  4. The Moment
  5. We Got The Love
  6. What If I Say
  7. Blood of the Innocent
  8. PictureBox Voodoo
  9. Paper Crown
  10. August
  11. Time in The Flames
Album Review: Full Devil Jacket - Valley of Bones
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