There is something new of „Darkhaus„! Once in November 2013 the great debut „My Only Shelter“ is published, the album has the 27. March, an EP called „Providence“ get set aside. Harder than on the debut it is beside the point, punchy riffs determine the basic tone. While „My Only Shelter“ originated in sunny Florida and one of the disc „Summer“ remarked, is „Providence“ originated to a large part in Germany. Rough, original, Harter!

Album Review: Darkhaus – Providence

EPs are indeed always such a thing. One finds on the one only a few titles or even remix versions, others are bulging and are therefore in album length. Sometimes they serve as an appetizer for Coming, sometimes as a stopgap between past and new albums, especially published for commercial reasons. None of this applies to „Providence“ to! „Darkhaus“ toured recently sufficiently numerous towns and villages, despite the tour everyday and -stresses found it time, to compose new songs. Since the band their fans but not wanted to wait for enough material for a full work, be summarily six titles already presented as EP. And although the Rundling of „Darkhaus“ strikes maybe not by quantity, yet by quality, to that of their debut „My Only Shelter“ (show my dominions Review) in no way inferior, but for a bit rougher going gets. The Songs of „Providence“ move in an intersection of New Wave-gothic-Electrical Sound, Groovin Metal, Hardcore und Nu-Metal, So a quite interesting mix. Already the first song makes this impression of their Music more than clear and showing the fans and potential newcomers, where the rubber meets the road.


Although the shekel only contains four new songs, for but also a live recording from Cologne and an acoustic version. „Drive“ live in Cologne also convinces the listener at home, as intoxicating are Dark House on stage. „Life Worth Living“ in acoustic version, however, seems a bit too soft for Kenny's expressive vocals, the rock version Personally I like better. The four new tracks have it, As the songs on „My Only Shelter“ neat in itself. When the first notes of „The Fire Within“ one feels momentarily, whether the heavy riffs, recalls icebreaker. But no, then there are also Pro-Pain: Gary Meskil has raged seemingly tidy at latest work. But as soon as Kenny uses distinctive voice, it sounds 100% by Dark House! With fascinating lightness it gives the hard riffs harmonious robe, gives the song melody and depth. The polyphonic „Fire“-Calls in between give the song a pinch more power. „Side Effect Of Love“ is the latest single, the same similar punchy starts. This reflects the masterful Arrangement, which is the force to self. In a moment punchy therefore Coming, like being transported by a very skilful tempo changes almost in a ballad next. the Video the piece was filmed at night in LA.


The namesake „Providence“ begins with a recorded voice scratchy intro and continues no less rocky. Here, the guys, that does not rule out heavy riffs and softer sounds, but one can be together. The chorus for example is comparatively quiet, but no less powerfully. After a few Hördurchläufen then crystallized from the cool chorus even a real catchy tune out and live is likely the title turn right! Finally, close the four new songs with the ballad „Throwing Away“ from. Here nothing more reminds of heavy riffs. For soulful piano sounds and an acoustic guitar to Kenny's voice unfolds again quite different. After the intro, the song is indeed continuing legal poppy, but the Dark House stamp is unmistakable. A sensitive melody invites you to dream, winds in the Hörgängen and there leaves a wonderful aftertaste.


The live version of „Drive“ has significantly more power and bite than the songs on the album. Especially the correct sawing guitars give the alternative-heavy title the right Pep. The song was performed at a Live-Concert recorded in Cologne and gives a glimpse of the live qualities of Formation. Where other singers often unconvincing live Knowledge, shows up at Kenny the consistency down to the smallest facets. Every musician is here, that he is a professional and knows his instrument. Last but not least you get to enjoy the original version of „Life Worth Living“, the opener of the debut album, who lives by the song of Kenny Hanlon. The development of the soft ballad rock song of the album is very nice comprehensible. Here you can hear well, that the guys can grow a rough diamond into a wonderful piece of music, without the original Spirit to destroy.


The decision with the data written to the Tour new titles in the form of the EP „Providence“ equal to go public, instead they pick up for the next album, is fully on. One can hear the energy and spirit of the tour on the pieces originated from the songs correctly and also something kernigere production will contribute to a, Titles impose a distinctive stamp. The German weather conditions have here apparently, next to the Tour(He)life reflected found. „Darkhaus“ show with this album, still have quite that EPs justified. With „My Only Shelter“ put them 2013 the newcomer yardstick already neatly far upwards and with „Providence“ Insert again properly after. The effort and the passion can be heard in every song and that makes this band incredibly likable and listenable! Dark House remains an exceptional constellation. Dieses interkontinentale Konglomerat um Songwriter Rupert Keplinger, der u.a. mit Eisbrecher, Peter Maffay, Laith Al Deen repeatedly ends up at the front of the charts, is Gary Meskil - the NYHC veteran of Pro-Pain and the charismatic voice of Scots Ken Hanlon and Marshall Stephens (also Pro-Pain) and Paul Keller completed. Since one must be on the second album more than excited, can be heard especially since rumors, that it could occur in Florida again. Until then, the time can be entertaining with „Providence“ expel. The EP is with its six songs though much too quickly at the end, the successful tracks load but for a prompt return Listen and stay long interesting. „Darkhaus“ is a band, every time worth anew.

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  1. The Fire Within
  2. Side Effect Of Love
  3. Providence
  4. Throwing Away
  5. Drive (Live In Cologne)
  6. Life Worth Living (Acoustic Version)

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