Cyrence“ come from the beer capital Munich and at least as tasty and tangy (about)foamy imaginative as the blonde Wet. The boys make melodic Thrash Metal along the lines of greats like Metallica, Megadeth or Trivium. „The Hospital“ is their new EP, containing seven strong songs with catchy melodies. Who feels pleasantly recalls the first retest of the lively song material on the early and best times of that popular genre greats, to not disappoint these Bavarian quality suppliers then also the least.

Cyrence - The Hospital

The foundations for „Cyrence“ were already in 2006 placed as a solo project of singer Tim. As a full band they were only starting 2009 on the way. Based in Munich, there is a band in the current cast of Tim Gratwohl (Vocals and Guitar), Dominic Millett (Lead guitar and Animals), Chris Hammer (Bass und Backing Vocals) and Tom Goldberg (Drums). Loud „Cyrence“-Mastermind Grathwohl has the name of no real significance. Your style describe Munich as Melodic Thrash Metal, packed with a modern twist with many riffs, inviting you to headbang, but also melancholy and quiet passages are represented. Solid guitar work is clearly in the foreground. The singing is rough and edgy. I must admit, I until the day of the four guys from „Cyrence“ had not heard much. With release of their first EP called „The Hospital“ has it but changed abruptly.

Cyrence Band

With „The Hospital“ obtained nearly 37 Minutes Melodic Thrash Metal at its best. The Track „A New Beginning…“ comes to thrash metal an unusual beginning to train: Heavy-der difficult Gitarrensound always more swells to lead to the inevitable. So the band sets after this intro also equal with „Dystopia“ going on and this includes a reef, the good of the Canadian Annihilator might have come. Very melodic with Hetfield'schen hints, but with some more steam! The guitars draw and also the vocals, radiates the amount of energy. In his quick robe he remembers directly classics like „Right the Lightning“ or to the good old days of Trivium „The Crusade“. With „This Life“ it goes in Annihilator pace and guitar wizard Dominic Millett supplies to a brilliant solo, which can be heard. Brutal and hardness with bangs the song from the speakers. Properly ordinary Thrash Metal! Through the speedy drum beat in connection with the stretchy guitar riff the song remains really well in the ear and can convince completely with his melodic thrash attitude.

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Cyrence - This Life

With the title track „The Hospital“ we say goodbye then times from reality and devote ourselves lyrically the Fantasy-Horror Kind. The number goes well forward and formally invites to headbang one. Initially, the song reminds of hits like „Battery“, albeit with an oriental touch. The track is drifting but then fix in a hymn from, Could have been the so find with just under seven minutes exactly on a long-lost Metallica plate. With „I Won’t Fall“ is presented, though also a good pace, but here special emphasis was definitely on the Melodic set. Besides heavy riffs guitar also provides some very melodic shares. Designed is interesting then the section in which the song takes precedence and stands alone in the breaks of the instruments. The above 7 Minutes are very entertaining – and who has been looking forward to Guitar Solos, is with „You Kill Me“ served. Convince the density of nimble-fingered and fast solos. A good mix of pretty groovy melodies, strong drums and singing with the force of a fist in the face. With „Purity Control“ ends the amusing pleasure then unfortunately already. Here shows drummer Thomas Goldberg, what he's got. From blast beats to double bass attacks and more. Well done Thrash Metal, then towards the end is a bit softer and humor makes the whole EP to be passed through once again.

Cyrence Logo

The Munich band „Cyrence“ show with their first EP, that it significantly more mature Music can make as few others in the segment. The music is not a simple Geknüppel, but is made up mainly of intelligent songwriting and craft good music. Stronger, melodiöser Thrash, not yet fully developed its hooks, the signs of this but there are. The riffs are catchy and the singer's voice reminds more than only fleetingly to a young James Hetfield. The, what Metallica after their old albums lost has, has apparently rediscovered in Munich and processed into metal-class quality. „Cyrence“ invent Thrash Metal, of course not new, but the album works well as it is and gives a qualitative – unfortunately quite short – Listening experience, which can sit up not only fans of role models. For a first-factory all already sounds admirably mature. If the guys can keep the standard of the EP and even improving on later albums, All doors are open to them. The shekel can recommend all, like to hear the old school Thrash Metal, and put on melodies and lyrics with content.


  1. A New Beginning…
  2. Dystopia
  3. This Life
  4. The Hospital
  5. I Won’t Fall
  6. You Kill Me
  7. Purity Control
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