the debut album „Love in Black“ Of „Child Of Caesar“ rotates with its low-tuned guitars and dark melodies time back there, As gothic Rock had its heyday. It may not quite believe it, that this band largely comes from Germany. The style is Goth Rock /Metal with elements of dark metal genre. Influences of bands like „Sister of Mercy“, „Tiamat“, „Paradise Lost“, but also German Goth Metal icons such as „Darkseed“ or „Scream Silence“ are undeniable. on „Love in Black“ accepts Daniel Mitchell the Vovals and lies rather in the alternative for the right Dark Sector, but fits. Anyone who has heard at the time the late 90s early 00s Gothic Metal / Rock, will have on this disc his joy.

Child Of Caesar - Love in Black

the children Caesar listen to the name André Marcussen (Rhythm Guitar), Christopher F. Cashiers (bass & Lead Guitar) and Dino Cadavian (drums), for singing Daniel Mitchell shows the U.S.. Metal Band „Autumn Eyes“ responsible, not a bad grip, is here succeeded, because it fits well with the vocal genre – and yet is a bit strange. The gothic rock band comes across with a very gloomy passion and similar to their models the songwriting is designed dark and gloomy. On the one hand there are the texts, the act of dark themes - a great fascination with everything Morbid, Death or emptiness is not to deny. On the other hand, we have the implementation of these texts and moods in the Music. This means, in effect, many eerily beautiful melodies, sometimes very slow and supporting, then stressed again very strongly with bass and reef. The sad howling lead guitar sets the tone. Keyboard- Programming and also do not miss out and are eerie mood makers as needed. The harmonious backing vocals and choir inserts round out the songs often off nicely.


The sound effects, that play when you listen the opener Defector, might also be the trumpets of the Apocalypse be. Actually it concerns with the opening bars only to a beautiful, gloomy keyboard playing, that one should prepare for a wall full of punchy Gothic Rock. Consistent with organ sounds and the dark spherical Keyboards, the band plays exciting and uncompromising Gothic Metal. Even the voice of frontman Daniel Mitchell ensures shudder and with the gloomy, angry guitars, Stormy Drums, the mystical keyboards and punchy bass is the perfect Gothic Show. „Defector“ have „Child Of Caesar“ with much Love built to detail and yet a simple structure. Who believes now, if it were in the Gothic rockers to one of these endlessly copied cliché Gothics, is mistaken. In a black scene, In the always again the same slurry is thousandfold nachgekocht and warmed, is finally a fresh breeze on a cloudy autumn day and shows, that there is another way!

Child Of Caesar Band

The entry to „Red Sun“ carried melancholic harmony. First acoustically, the song turns quickly with mid-tempo drums and accelerates. That certain something to give here the simple, spherical Keyboards, the all even more magical, make depressing. Here Axe Man Christopher plays a brilliant guitar solo. The chorus is implemented fabulous and burns itself into memory. The mid-tempo track is certainly a punchy, geniales Gothic Metal Gewitter, that his energy fully deployed in a loud thunder and the bill is definitely on. Open the gates of the brilliant gothic metal „Child Of Caesar“ titled „Gates“. As before, there is here Song Kost midtempo with gloomy Keyboards, Guitars and basses, the punchier could not be. This may also be less more, is thus proved, because the refrain the electric piano definitely still put the finishing touches. Toward the end, there is also in this glorious Gruftiemetalhymne again the obligatory guitar solo, this time accompanied by piano. One thing is certain, „Child Of Caesar“ understand it, melodic, Write anthemic choruses to, often have the catchy.


„Nero“ is very melodic in his lead guitar. The rhythm guitars and bass lines, but kept relatively simple. Absolutely worth hearing, but is probably the song, because you skippt more times. Since the asset supported by piano music guitar solos does not really help. The keyboard game can be in the first few seconds of „Long Live The Night“ hairs stand on end. It sounds like the pure horror and the melody is simple eerily beautiful. This tune also constitutes the leading element in the chorus. Bass and guitar(n) are again starkbrüstig anxious direction directed. „Lost Sacrifice“ leaves the listener people think of a war movie, Marching drums, Sounds like an old radio ... you know what I mean, before the sound fully stereo and with full force since. The drum sounds initially remain the same, until it goes again with concentrated energetic Gothic Rock. Lyrically, this involves the hypocrisy of Christianity, or the church itself. A strong song, the again proves especially its strength in the chorus here. On Speed, is the music of „Child Of Caesar“ definitely not designed, though here and there, here are the double bass is used: The songs are almost entirely in the mid-tempo. But speed is something, was „Child Of Caesar“ also does not need. The band plays imaginative Goth and their singer moved with his voice the listener in its spell.

Child Of Caesar

on „You“ there again melodic lead guitars, as they could not be more melancholy. The entire band mixes again the best at a quite Rockbaren song together. String sounds on return „At Heart“ back, the soft cling at the piano playing. This applies symphonic, magical loveliness of savagery and of course again as it should be this: beautiful bleak! Again, the whole thing is right again. The rocking 3-chord guitar riffs, but could be a bit more varied here. However, this is countered immediately, changes as the clock and once again resound best guitar solo must. as always, the rear part of the song, fast but after this short trip, back to the temperate, dark paths returns, before he silenced. The title track „Love in Black“ comes next in the series, and here comes the concentrated power of „Child Of Caesar“ out of the boxes and in the ears of the listener. The focus is on this song more on the anthemic vocals, and the musicians playing their instruments determined in its purity and so also scores „Love in Black“ fully. „Worlds Without Skies“ is the last track of the album and boasts a beautiful piano melodies, the beginning and in the middle, form a powerful element. The keyboards are arising with the guitars and punchy bass and the singer a Gesamtkunstwerk.

Child Of Caesar

Child Of course Caesar not invent the wheel, but they do their thing on the debut album just really good and rock to dwell very earthy and dirty. Most of the songs is really catchy and will not be bored even after repeated listening. two, Although three less good songs are attending, but this one has mostly. Anyway, I'm surprised by „Love in Black“, the at times, where comparatively little good albums in the Gothic Metal area appear, a thick exclamation mark sets. Sure sometimes the riffs and arrangements are relatively simple and the melodic part, lies by „Child Of Caesar“ often in song, and in the keyboards and the occasional lead guitar in the band, yet provides all around darkly slow-spooktacular Goth Metal from Germany. Fans of the Sisters or Tiammat be sure to listen to the, because here you can hear clearly the style of the 90's out there and find something, was man ev. has beautiful long no longer belongs in this way. More of it, Anyway, I get pleasure, also once again to hear older disks…


  1. Defector
  2. Red Sun
  3. Gates
  4. Nero
  5. Long Live The Night
  6. Lost Sacrifice
  7. You
  8. At Heart
  9. Love in Black
  10. Without Skies
Album Review: Child Of Caesar - Love in Black
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