The metalcore band „Annisokay“ is a five-piece post-hardcore / alternative rock band from Halle, Saxony-Anhalt and especially since known by, as they have posted the Einzusmusik for a fairly well-known German Wrestler. In March comes their second album „Enigmatic Smile“ out, which 11 contains tracks with right and pop metalcore. Musically meet here, driving rhythms and aggressive shouts on varied melodies and a neat clean vocals. So no Metal in the true sense, yet the songs are not bad.

Annisokay – Enigmatic Smile

„Annisokay“ was in 2007 Founded in Halle and consists of five musicians Dave Grunewald (Shouts), Christoph Wieczorek (Electric guitar, Cleangesang), Norbert Rose (Electric guitar), Philipp Kretzschmar (Bassgitarre) and Daniel Herrmann (Drums). Already in the first two years after the founding appeared with „My Ticket to Reno“ (2008) and „The Point You Will Still Miss“ (2009) two demo recordings. The first EP „You, Always“ appeared in 2010 and was funded out of pocket. The troop coverte the piece „Telephone“ the pop singer Lady Gaga, but this cover is never released on CD. The band's name is Michael Jackson's „Smooth Criminal“ inspired, and gives a positive answer to the question in the chorus: „Annie are you ok?“. The documentation „BAD 25“ by director Spike Lee on the proceedings and the subsequent tour to album „Bad“ the secret is revealed, what the inspiration for „Smooth Criminal“ represented. Since the 1960s, learned 300 to 400 Million people within the first aid, the cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the manikin „Annie“. Michael Jackson also was one of them. The idea for the chorus „Annie are you ok?“ actually based on Micheal's experiences of a first aid course and the encounter with the „CPRAnnie“.

Annisokay - Band

The charming face of CPR Manikin, with which countless first aid participants to „Kiss of life“ learn, is also known as „The Unknown of the Seine“ – „the unknown out of the Seine“. Behind their peaceful expression to a story hides about heartache and grief. According to legend, was the end of the 19. Century a drowned woman rescued from the Seine. Since no external injuries were visible, was assumed she had taken her own life. People rumored, the reason might have been only a broken heart. As usual at this time her body was exhibited at the Paris morgue, to determine their identity in the hope. This should never happen. The duty pathologist was of her face and the enigmatic smile so fascinated, that he commissioned a mask designers to perpetuate their image. The death mask of the unknown woman of the Seine has been copied numerous over time, is the muse of several artists and was the template for the revival Doll „Annie“. It has become a symbol of life. Her death is, however, always still a mystery.


The new album with the mysterious title, „Enigmatic Smile“ emerged over the year 2014 away in two stages. In January, the band flew to the US to work with producer Joey Sturgis (u.a. Asking Alexandria, Emmure, We Came As Romans) to work on new songs. Sturgis had the debut of the band „The Lucid Dream[He]“ Produced. The second half of the album was followed in autumn 2014 under the leadership of William Putney (u.a. Suicide Silence, Miss May I, Northlane). Musically, the songs are often too pop me, I would probably want the one or other aggressive gespieltere prolonged period in the songs. In addition, I have some variation missing, because the songs are almost all, the same structure, what makes monotonous in the long run. However, one must admit frankly, that the guys musically quite what it and the „Enigmatic Smile“ has been correctly produces high quality.

Annisokay - Band

„Annisokay“ has a very good reputation in the live scene and who knows, there is therefore the pop songs are perhaps a little harder and faster. the „Annisokay“ which can, What I lack in the album, prove it exactly in a song specifically in „what is left“. Had represented more songs of this kind on the album, it would please me much better. Somehow I will in the album can not help feeling, that this aim of which it to tap the broadest possible mass and less about the Music, is as to the success. And that could work for the band quite, as the songs en Gros are not really bad, but not really grab me. damage, the band has huge potential and good capacity, so that is an album of soft rock for the romantic date a Emo couple '. If you like something, which is „Enigmatic Smile“ to heart.

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  1. Carry Me Away
  2. Naked City
  3. Snowblind
  4. Panic Attack
  5. Wolves In The Walls
  6. Fragile Line
  7. Traveler
  8. Life Cycles
  9. fame
  10. New Autumn light
  11. What Is Left

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