Jordi Busquets has turned a small documentary about the abandoned Berlin and thus captured some atmospheric shots:

Aban­do­ned buil­dings and pla­ces awa­ken a cu­rious fa­sci­na­ti­on in us. Going deep into the hi­d­den Ber­lin, a Ber­lin that seems to have for­got­ten part of its re­cent his­to­ry, we vi­si­ted aban­do­ned buil­dings and pla­ces of the Ger­man city.

Ciarán Fahey, a cu­rious Irish­man will tell the hi­d­den his­to­ry of these ma­gi­cal pla­ces, des­pi­sed by some while cau­sing a fa­sci­na­ting attrac­tion to others. We re­flect on the exis­tence and na­tu­re of these spaces fro­zen in time and won­der about their un­cer­tain fu­ture.