presented for the late-night talk show Conan O'Brien martial arts star Jean-Claude Van Damme again his legendary dance from the 80s action movie „Kickboxer“ After… and JVCD and his Muscles from Brussels have forgotten nothing.

While there does not seem to be working with a spontaneous balancing act, but martial arts veteran Jean-Claude Van Damme has not forgotten his 80s hip movement and presented his dance coast from the Action-movie „Karate Tiger 3 – Kickboxer“ recently with Conan O'Brien. For the American talk show host, he played the dance scene of martial arts film from Mark DiSalle and David Worth again after.

Currently John Stockwell is working on a remake of the original of the same name. The emerging Boy Kampfsportler Kurt (Alain Moussi) wants the murderer of his brother David, the dreaded Tong Po (Dave Bautista), revenge and tried with the support of David's former teacher Xian Chow (Jean-Claude Van Damme) in Bangkok die art to master the Thai boxing. Also on board are mixed-martial-arts fighter Gina Carano („In the Blood“) und Supermodel Sara Malakul Lane, rolls the young fighter's head. When „Kickboxer: Vengeance“ Coming to Theaters, if any, is written in the stars…