Yesterday at BTTF Day slipped Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd celebrated again in their roles as Marty McFly and Doc Brown from the sci-fi classics and were the audience for. Thunderous applause, the two took the legendary time-travel DeLorean onto the stage, but the actual year 2015 With War the Middle East and without Hoverboards or flying cars, however, the two time travelers did not seem overly impressed: „Sorry for the question, but what the hell you have the latest 30 Made years?“ Addressing Doc Brown grabbed Marty then together: „Doc, looks as if 2015 pretty shit.“

"2015 ist ziemlich Scheisse": Marty McFly and Doc Brown hosted by Jimmy Kimmel

Just recently, Christopher Lloyd announced in an interview, he fourth one „Back to the Future“-Part would not be averse: „It consists always the danger, that a successor can not keep up with the originals. A new part would have to be about something Search here: the fight against climate change or ISIS or something radical with a real emergency. No idea, what could be.“ On demand, whether Lloyd could imagine, that Michael J. Fox, Since the 1991 suffers from Parkinson, would be ready for a fourth part, he adds: „I think, that he would take on the role regardless of Parkinsons and he would be great. I could not imagine a new part without him.“