Machine Head sind einfach geili Sieche! Die Herren veröffentlichen die neue 10-Inch Vinyl Single „Killers & Kings“ als Demo und schicken dazu auch gleich noch zwei Ignite Cover, nämlich „Our Darkest Days“ und „Bleeding“ ins Rennen. Frontmann und Gitarrist Robb Flynn dazu:

I remember growing up in the thrash scene and always wanting to hear the demo version of songs. You searched them out. Thankfully, my buddy Jim was a big ‚tape trader,‘ and through trading, we had both METALLICA demos, EXODUS demos, bootlegs of songs sometimes ‚years‘ before they came out. I knew how to play every note of ‚Pleasure Of The Flesh‘ by EXODUS easily two years before the record was out. I had SLAYER’s ‚Reign In Blood‘ three months before it came out. I remember it still had the hi-hat counts starting the songs!!

My friends and I would debate the merits of each (the demo was always better, LOL!). It’s so much cooler to hear it BEFORE the album is out! So [we decided to] do that for you. I can’t wait for you guys to hear this stuff. Then you can debate it, haha!

MACHINE HEAD - Our Darkest Days + Bleeding (IGNITE COVER)