Nephrolith haben ihr Album „Paleness of the Bled World“ im November veröffentlicht und daraus gibt es nun für euch „Flamespeech“ als Lyrics-Video


As these flames seem to speak
With hot words hidden in smoke
The earth-grey substance devours
our sky, so pure, to seek.

As all thoughts seem to keep,
with veins at the end of the rope,
the truthful eyes, for hours
our lies, so loud, they leak

Seeking minds it lost the ashes,
Held its hopes, yet found just lashes
For branches hit
And winds have pushed-
The message forlorn
As a cuckoo born.

This only leaves the echo’s vow
Produced by speech of the bonfire
Not in smoke, and not as dire
It reminds us, yet just now
Only to keep the secret
Only to stir the wind