Der neuste Scheiss in den prohibitionsbefreiten US-Staaten sind Underground Marijuana-Bars, in denen Cocktails und Drinks auf Cannabis-Basis gereicht werden. Gras eingelegt in Schnaps wirkt anscheinend relativ heftig: „Those who have experience with making edibles and potables warn that this can create an overly potent drink“. Na dann Prost! Ich steh total auf Austern. Und ich mag Himbeermarmelade. Ich würde beides aber nicht unbedingt zusammen schlürfen müssen…

Mixologists are trying out two kinds of potables: cocktails spiked with THC (where legal), and cocktails designed to mimic the actual green, skunky flavors of marijuana.

Compared to edibles, for which oil- or butter-based extractions are favored, tinctures (herbal essences that are extracted by alcohol) are the preferred vehicle for drinks. Bartenders use Everclear or a different high-proof alcohol to draw THC from the plant, a process similar to that used to make bitters. The most popular seems to involve grinding and then baking the bud at a low temperature (a process called “decarboxylation”) before steeping it in alcohol for a stretch that can range from hours to days. The liquid is then strained and stored, often in a container with an eyedropper or dasher attachment. (I’m coining the term “cannabitters” here and now.)

Cannabis Cocktails